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Comment: I Guess Equimark Investment...

Supermario started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Abuse / Warning page"

I Guess Equimark Investment strikes Again, I myself have been scammed, and now I have a big debt to pay. These people are riduculous! And somebody needs to stop them! Ps. I need a way to get a 5000 loan asap and get back on track.... I need some financial help...somebody please help me........
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RWilson1965   in reply to The Wizard
I can agree with 'The Wizard'!!!

And my two-cents-worth of advice is; the best way to avoid a Phishing Scammer is to be stealth. I receive anywhere from 5 to 15 scam emails a day. Do you think I would respond to one of them? Nope. Not even a get lost message. When you reply, you are confirming to them that you exist. And if the scammer is trying to convince me that he/she works for a company, for example, Google, I send a copy of the message source to They are more than happy to take every measure they can to bring the scammer to justice. Only in the case where a scammer is operating from a country that the US has no reach, will they not attempt to catch that jerk!

Let the professionals try to catch them! All you can do is fall victim to their tricks!

Be careful of letting a scammer have any information about you. With Google's search capabilities, all a scammer needs is just a small tid-bit of information about you, and he can use that information to search for anything else he needs to suck you dry of your wealth!

Also, be aware of these on-line work at home jobs. Before signing up for anything, be sure to research the domain name of a company that you plan to work for, on a website like Scammer can build websites too!!! Pay attention to all of the details about their domain. But pay close attention to how long ago the website was created. Also, how many IP changes have taken place since the website has been created. If the business is new, they are probably phony!!! Although, I do have some new websites out there; so I hope people doesn't look at the age of my new websites. But it is still some good advice!
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 in response to swimstar...   

and yet, when you click on they link they give or even google their site name, the site doesn't exist....hmmmm interesting....

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I would just like to say I have been working with the people at Bad credit loan warning for months.  I can't believe your site calls them scammers.  These people take time everyday to tell us victims what to file and where.  The update us on new scams all the time as some of us get over 100 per day on our computers.  TODAY July 1, 2008 there is an articloe in the WALL STREET JOURNAL 2nd page entitled "Credit Crunch Fuels Rise In "Advance Fee " Schemes.  They called Jill and did an interview with her.  I don't think the Wall Street Journal would do this with a scammer now do you?  They check out all their information before an interview.   I would suggest you read this article and think twice about what you wrote.   These women take out of their lives every day to help us victims and continue to daily even though they were scammed months ago.  I hope you will really educate yourselves on these scams and offer people the RIGHT information and that is unless you have been scammed and done research on these kind of so called companies, or have educated yourselves like say Canadian Money Advisor you should not call anyone a scammer that is there to help people.  At no time was I asked for personal information nor for my last name.  It was more important to them so make sure my bank accounts were closed and so on and so fourth.  So does this sound like scammers to you?  But I would like to say MY HATS OFF TO THE PEOPLE AT BAD CREDIT LOAN WARNING for all the help they give us and me personally.  When your only asked for a first name and company you dealt with, names of people there, how much $ was sent and if you want you can leave a phone number or e-mail with them for updates, but that is your personal choice.  So I hope anyone who reads this site and has been scammed,  really thinks about these comments and who they come from.  You people have not been scammed nor have the least bit of knowledge about these scams.  So lets call the name scammers to those that deserve and for the honest people trying to help be thankful because without them I would not have made half of the contats to agencies that needed to know.  I can call them at any time and they are there to talk.  They are not only help they are there to talk they kept my utilities on when I was going to be shut off with two extra months by them suggesting calling certain people.  MY HATS OFF TO YOU AT BAD CREDIT LOAN WARNING I would have been lost without you and still would be!  Keep up the good work

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The Wizard
 in response to thunderxls...   

Thunderxis, Jill101 and Renee Beitel, I read the entire sequence of posts here and I feel that I should address the issue.

Thunderxis, I find the Who-Knew’s comments neither abrasive nor demeaning. It appears to me that by analyzing your rather unforgivable sequence of decisions Who-Knew was trying to help you with your next eventual endeavor in looking for loan, grant or other help. If you ask me I would have been way more abrasive talking about your decisions. It would not help you to get comment like ‘Wow, these guys were so bad! You have done nothing wrong. They are the only one to blame. Let us find them and prosecute them…’. Yes, you may feel a bit better for a moment, but it will not help you. If some of the comments are making you feel embarrassed that is good for you. If you realize how plain stupid you have acted trough the entire case, next time you may remember the feeling and be more alert for your own good.

However, I think Who-Knew was wrong in one aspect. Who-Knew was wrong to take your post as real cry for help. It appears to me all three of you - Thunderxis, Jill101 and Renee Beitel – are simply trying to advertise your site in order to get some traffic. I don’t know whether or not the two women that you are referring to are real or what are their real intentions. Frankly, it doesn’t matter. Even if we assume that they are real and full with good intentions the whole idea is rather weak and half-baked. The Who-Knew’s remarks about the website and the whole idea are absolutely correct! Very little you could do (even you are planning to) in finding the conmen because of one very simple reason – virtually 100 percent of the victims don’t have the slightest idea who their contact was even less where he/she reside. If we add to the equation the foreign country factor, the possibility of finding someone is virtually zero.

Looking at the content of the web site in discussion and the way it is constructed does not bring a lot of confidence on table either. Dan, I understand that the site is still under construction but let me ask you – Why it is online then? Why do you need to publish the site map here on Aidpage? Virtually none of the links on the site are working, only 3 rather obscure pages are active, and there is not a single line real content. Even the about page which is supposed to show who is behind this website is not working. Sorry guys, but the question that is coming to my mind is – how this site is different from all other websites that setup the very same con operations that you claiming to fight?

I noticed several funny (mildly put) facts posted here and on your website:
1.    ‘DUE TO THE OVER WHELMING number of faxes coming…’ Your site was started a month ago. You have virtually no traffic on your website. Where all these faxes came from? In the pseudo phone interview of Renee she mentioned 15 people so far… it doesn’t appear that overwhelming, does it?

2.    ‘We have hired private investigators out of our own pockets…’ Forgive me but this sounds really phony combined with the info from your website: ‘Jill Beyer a single mother of 4 children… scammed out of $4,000’, ‘Renee is a mother of one, works a seasonal job… was scammed out of thousands also.’ May I ask how do you finance your operations and how you are paying to private investigator out of your pockets?

3.    Another simple yet important question: What are your qualifications, experience and skills in this field? You are offering help to other victims. How you are planning to do that? What makes you qualified? Being scammed is not exactly the experience that helps in this case. I think someone who was successful avoiding being scammed would be better suited for adviser.

4.    In her phone interview Renee is saying: ‘…they know who I am. They know my phone number, my social security number, they know where I liveI don’t care’. In his comment Dan is saying: ‘I have nothing to hide… my phone number is…’. I think only these two examples are enough to show that both of you have learned nothing of your experience (if you had such). These two examples makes you clearly unqualified to give advises on this matter.

5.    About the notion that the individual scammed amounts are not enough and that eventually putting them together will change something – c’mon guys… Are you really unaware of the facts or you are trying to bullshit us? The total amount has meaning only as a statistic. The only amount that would make a difference would be the amount of scammed money made by a single scammer. Unfortunately, you have no way to come up with such a number.

6.    Finally, another classic scam-like example: Dan says: ‘…at this time I feel it would beneficial for everyone if we moved this conversation off line…’ Actually Dan, that is the ONLY helpful thing one can do – public discussion! Talking one-to-one only opens another door for new scamming.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t advise Aidpage members to provide any private information. By the way the fax number is private information as well.

Until I am proven wrong, my feelings are that the operation behind the web site in discussion is either new scam attempt, or fruitless try of honest people who have no idea what are standing up against. Either way, it doesn’t seem reliable to me.

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I to think everyone has gotten off track.  You say you are watching out for the posters here, well at least we don't hide behind screen names and our numbers can be looked up to verify who we are and that YES we are US citizens and are here to help.   Everyone have a great day and if you are a victim we are here to help we have the knowledge and have done extensive research to get to know how these people work and what will work to get everyone together and fight these fraudulent scammers.  For all we know Who-Knew could be a scammer that is why they are fighting this site.  But believe what you want if you would like to contact the site it's  designed by two women one from Mass. one from Michigan who were scammed themselves!  We NEVER ask for personal information nor money at anytime.  I wish everyone the best. 

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 in response to ...   

MY responses are abrasive? I think the matter is settled. Let people read the posts and decide for themselves what they choose to do.

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 in response to W H O ~ K N E W...   


I am concerned that some of your responses can appear abrasive and somewhat demeaning.  I would encourage you to personally discuss victim cases on a one-on-one basis you can gain a better understanding of how these operations work.  I am more than happy to personally discuss my own case with you and circumstances behind it.  By the way, my name is Dan, I reside in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis roughly 40 minutes.  I have nothing to hide, and want other victims to know that while I was initially embarrassed to come froward, I am so glad I did.   Again, I would enjoy the opportunity to help clarify some of these misunderstandings, my phone number is 763-515-4249.  WHO-KNEW, I look forward to speaking with you, at this time I feel it would beneficial for everyone if we moved this conversation off line, as the real issue is no longer being discussed, rather it has turned into a personal conflict.  This should be a board where victims can come forward to express their experience without fear of judgment and further embarrassment  Thank you.

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 in response to jill101...   

You are really a ray of hope for people, aren't you? I simply asked a few questions ( which you have yet to answer) and already you are yelling at me.Yeah, I trust you.... I think people can base their opinion on what they read here. 



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 in response to W H O ~ K N E W...   

And just one more thing.   As for the FTC file a complaint you will receive a letter back saying they are sorry but this is not something they handle.  Do your research!!!

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Seems you have done NO research on these people. Since they only run in spruts of 21-28 day cycles for each company the BBB usually has no listings.  They follow big company names so in some cases the BBB is ok.  Like City Lending there was actually a City Lending.  But after the spirt of scams there then was a blurb on the real company saying they were in no way associated with this group calling them by their name.  See by running short cycles nothing is reported in time to warn people other than people filing on Rip off Reports, sites like this etc.  Alot of people have contacted Lending Tree and some how get these calls from scammers.  They are linked with Universities, newspapers and list goes on and on.  People do inquire but since they follow big company names you think you are dealing with the big companies.  And remember you are dealing with people that are hurting financially and looking for any help they can receive.  And a ray of hope is ray of hope.  My victims all have stories that have touched my heart and made me realize yes I was scammed but you know what, I am a smarter wiser person now and will help these people get the justice they deserve and am doing so.   And saying no Legitimate lender will e-mail documents to be signed maybe you should really know what you are talking about.  Mortgage companies here do it all the time you electronically sign with them! Rock Financial is a very large company and does this all the time.  Remember these so called lenders/ Scammers are NOT BANKS and are not out of the country they use US addresses and follow these big names so why would we be leary????  A ray of hope is a ray of hope when you are put in a position like this.  You don't understand the victims NOR have you done your research on these scammers.  And yes most of us called the BBB but because they follow these big company names everything comes out ok at first until the complaints come in.  And as for filing individual complaints you want to know what you hear.... because of the small dollar amounts you money was sent out of the Country there is NOTHING we can do!!!  I would suggest you educate yourself on these scammers, as you know nothing about them, search their sites, phone systems and the list goes on because I have done all this and I know their cycles, their companies, their phone system.

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 in response to thunderxls...   


BTW~ I am not angry nor a victim. I am merely looking out for the posters here. Also, if I wanted Jill's contact information, I would not take it from her site. I have better ways of finding direct contact information. 

First of all, no legitimate lender will do anything via email.


You were contacted - did you apply for a loan originally through them? If not, why would you assume that this was legitimate?


It was a private lender - why didn't you inquire who the lender was so you could verify?


Emailed you a promissory note - No legitimate lender will email documents to be signed you have to do it in person


instructed to send a money gram in the amount of $2,100 to secure the loan to a Arnold McKiney in Oakville, Ontario Canada. - 2 things wrong with this statement - 1: never, ever pay to secure a loan. 2) NEVER , EVER deal with a bank /lender out of the country, they are impossible to prosecute.


no funds had been deposited into my account. I then found the Better Business Bureau of Maryland, and learned this was a known fraudulent company - why didn't you call the BBB when you first heard from the company? You could have saved yourself a lot of $$$ and aggravation if you called the BBB first.

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 in response to jill101...   

While I agree that scam artists should be put out of business for good, I cannot help but be leery of your own agenda. Yes, you should protect yourself against others trying to rip you off. But to say that a government agency is not going to help, is wrong. Enough people complaining about the same company will result in prosecution. Educating consumers about the scams waiting for them on the Internet is one sure way to prevent identity theft and monetary loss.


I can't help but wonder what 2 women armed with loads of paper work barging into an office will result in. I know you hope to achieve prosecution, but do you have legal expertise? Do you have an attorney waiting to press charges against the CEO of any of these companies? Do you have the financial backing to hire an attorney? I can’t think of any attorney that would take on a case such as this without some sort of retainer. That is, IF you even find the originator of these scams. Who pays the expenses?


Hypothetically, let's say you do find the conman. You bring him all the way to court and win millions of $$ in a settlement. Do you plan do disburse those funds to the victims of his scams? HOW? You don’t have their personal information and I am sure Equimark or any other company filed that information in their circular file ages ago. There are too many variables, too many unanswered questions. I find your efforts admirable (if what you say is true). I don’t think you have thought far enough ahead.


You can be angry with me and yell all you want, but I believe people have the right to some answers if you expect them to believe in you and what you say.

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I can understand all of your reservations and anger, as I am a victim as well.  My name is Dan.  I am working with in setting up their new page to accomodate the high traffic volume.  I can attest Renee and Jill are real, and have been instrumental in getting the authories involved whearas they would have not even looked at the cases coming in due to their small amounts.  Together we can all achieve more.

Site Map:



Contact Info for Jill:


Here is my story

There is help out there!

I was contacted by Certified Lending Group Monday May 12th. I was contacted by a Robert Miller ext 129. He informed me that I was approved for a loan amount of 35,000 and needed to verify a few details. Robert then proceeded to tell me that the private lender that was backing the loan required collateral to secure the loan. Robert emailed me a promisorry note containing the terms and conditions of the loan and repayment. After reviewing, I faxed it back. I was then instructed to send a money gram in the amount of $2,100 to secure the loan to a Arnold McKiney in Oakville, Ontario Canada. Money Gram Order Confirm: 87782263 I proceeded to then call back Certified Lendings Group customer service and relayed the confirmation number on to them so they could release the funds into my bank account via direct deposit.

The next morning, the funds were not deposited. I called Robert Thursday May 15th, 2008, and he advised to contact customer service. I did so, learning that an additional colatteral payment was required to secure the loan proceeds within 4 hours. Again, I transacted a Money Order Payment to an Arnold McKinley in Oakville, ON Canada. Confirmation 61156023.

Friday May 16th, 2008, I called Certified Lendings Groups cusotmer service, informing them that my direct deposit had not occurred. I was informed that I was entitled to a refund due to the additional closing costs required by the lender and would have it by no later than May 30th, 2008

I found no funds had been deposited into my account. I then found the Better Business Bureau of Maryland, and learned this was a known fraudulent company.

Talk to thunderxls

is a legit site.  two women who have teamed up to fight these companies as a group of victims!  you can file individual reports and nothing will ever get done as the $ amount is not great enough for anyone to even look twice at.  Renee is from Mass. and Jill is from Michigan they teamed up to help victims and met after being scammed by City Lending Group back in January and are doing a great job at it. We have hired private investigators out of our own pockets, spent hours and hours with victims and visiting agencies that will only help if the dollar amount is great enough.  We also don't ask anyone for their personal information.  We tell everyone where to file complaints and help victims that have been scammed and potential victims not get scammed!  Everyone should be leary of anyone on line I learned that the hard way from being scammed but someone offering help, good help, that ask for nothing other than your name and copy of your contract MINUS the personal information page and copies of your moneygrams to be added to all the other victims we represent so the dollar amount reaches the amount that is needed to get the attention of these agencies that can help.  But if you don't want to believe it that is fine then you will never receive any help from any agency.  It's each persons right to feel as they will but this kind of thinking is what keeps these scammers in business.  We keep all our victims updated via e-mail on what is going on every step of the way.  We make calls on agencies with all our victims in hand!  Think as you want we are here to get these scammers put in jail and if someone had offered me this help back when I was scammed and was not asking for any personal information nor any money I would have certainly jumped on it!  we verify our victims that call by seeing their contract to make sure they were indeed scammed so we are not letting any of the scammers know what is going on.  And again at no time do We ask for your personal information when you are asked to fax your contract, everyone is told MINUS THE PERSONAL INFORMATION PAGE!  We do not want this information nor are we comfortable having this.  So you can keep these people in business or help us PUT THEM OUT OF COMMISSION! 

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 in response to jill101...   

I would be VERY leery about this site. The site owners say they are from massachusetts, however, the area code is listed in michigan and the domain name is registered in california.and the webdesigner is in australia..... .futhermore few of the links ( directing to other pages) do NOT work... sounds and looks very fishy to me... something is very strange with this so called company......REMEMBER DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE!!!!!


You can fight companies like equimark by filing a complaint with legitimate government agencies like the FEDERAL TRADE COMISSION 

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 in response to melruss39...   

Please contact me about your scam.  Jill   248-673-0531

Talk to jill101

For anyone that has been scammed by these companies there is help available.  the website is please contact them and join the rest of us victims in the fight for justice.  When we file complaints as one we get no where but when you file as a group it adds up to a big dollar amount and we can get the help we need. 

Talk to jill101

I have not been a victim of Equimark Lendin Group, but I found this site and wanted to let people know that they need to watch out for Helping Hand Investment Group.  Brenda Hayes, Patrick Riley or Amanda Rodriguez.  Phone numbers are 866 484 7642 or 866 484 7647.  230 W superior Street Suite 602 Duluth, MN.  They are suppose to be there from 9 am to 9 pm Mon thru Fri and 11 am to 5 pm on Sat.  I was a victim of this company to the tune of $2110.  They told me I was approved for a personal loan but needed to Western Union this money for insurance on the loan.  I needed to send it to Giovanni Hunter in Calgary, Alberts, Canada.  I was desperately in need of a loan to help get my family back on track and I thought for the amount I had to send in compared to the amount of the loan, it wasn't a bad deal.  The money was suppose to be in my bank account this afternoon and it isn't.  I tried for 12 hours today to contact them and never got anyone.  I know now there was no loan for me.  They took my money and ran and have just ruined Christmas for my kids and family.  I have filed a complaint with the BBB, but not sure it will do much good.  Anyone know what else I can do to try to recover my lost money?  I know I have should have been smarter and should not have done this, but these people pray on those in need and I believe they should be held accountable.....if they can be found.  Just be aware of this company too!  Has anyone else been scammed by this company?

Talk to bracdiver

Hi I am new to this site but boy I wished I had found this place before yesterday!!! I am another one of the people that have been scammed by Equimark Lending Group. Mine is 11 Aust St Suite 79 Forest Hills, NY 11375 phone number 866-472-9504 ext 2 the person I spoke to is Mary Epps. I was taken for $775.00 and counting the fee for sending it for a total of $820.84. I should have known better but it sounded really good (now I know it was too good to be true) I sent them everything I had and the money I sent was for Christmas, Bills and a trip to Florida with my daughter for Cheerleading and now Christmas will suck this year and the bills wont get paid and as for the trip with my daughter well that is still being determined but luckily its not till Feb. What can we do to shut these people down???? I really dont know how people sleep at night knowing they are taking thousands of dollars from people who are just looking to get ahead in life.

Talk to melruss39

It must be the holiday season or something, but I almost got loan-scammed, I think by the same company. The office is in West Toronto, and when they call my work phone the caller ID shows 416-958-0000. (note: the number shows up as unavailable on my cell phone, and they provide a 1-800# for me to call them back). When I did a search on this number, I got Equimark Lending Group and Fidelity Lending group.

The name of the company I tried applying online with (with the same 416-958-0000 number) was "Fast Dynamic Loans", and they faxed me a loan application, and stated that I'd need to pay 1800 upfront as a security deposit to secure a 30K loan. I was directed to Western Union the money to a person's name (not business) and that I'd get a personal check overnighted to me. I searched Canada's BBB and found that one complaint was placed in Nov-07 and mail was returned from that address - not a verifiable business. The website ( was working a week ago, but now is not available. Do not send them money! And report them to Canada's BBB ASAP!

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